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Frequently asked qustions:

What is the time limit for submission of an application for temporary stay?

An application for a temporary stay permit should be submitted not later than on the last day of legal stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

For how long is a temporary stay permit granted?
Given the current legal situation, such a permit may be granted for not longer than three years. A proper decision is taken by an official. Sometimes this period is shorter than the one requested by the foreigner.
I have obtained a decision refusing a (temporary, permanent or long-term EU resident) stay permit. What can I do?
If you are not satisfied with the decision obtained, you have 14 days for appealing against each decision, calculating from the day of obtaining it.
I have filed an appeal against the negative decision with the second instance authority. Unfortunately, the decision of the second instance authority is not favourable to me either. Do I have any other options left?

Yes.You can file an appeal against the decision of the second instance authority with the regional administrative court, within 30 days from the date of obtaining the decision.However please note that a favourable decision of the court is not tantamount to the issuance of a temporary stay permit. The Court, repealing the decision of the second instance authority, shall return the case records to the authority for re-examination. If even this judicial authority does not consider your complaint positively, the matter may be referred to the supreme administrative court. The entire procedure, depending on the location where the proceedings are being held, may take even several days.

Is it possible to freely cross the border only on the basis on a decision granting a temporary or permanent stay permit in the territory of Poland (paper printout), without a document in the form of a plastic card?

No. All citizens of third countries who are subject to the visa obligation should, when entering the territory of the Republic of Poland, have a valid travel document and a valid visa or a stay card confirming the right to legally enter and stay in Poland.For that reasons a decision granting a stay permit is not sufficient for entering the territory of the Republic of Poland.

Can I travel to other Schengen countries with a stay card?

With a valid stay card you can travel to and stay in the territory of Schengen Area states for a period not exceeding 90 days within each 180-day period. A foreigner must have a valid travel document, justify the purpose of visiting a given country and have means of subsistence for the entire stay period.

On the basis of which type of visa can a foreigner work in Poland?

A foreigner may take up employment in Poland if he/she has a work permit (or a declaration on entrusting work) and has a visa, with the exception of a visa issued for the following purposes:

  • tourist – ”01” symbol,
  • temporary protection – ”20” symbol, 
  • arrival for humanitarian reasons, due to the interest of the state or international obligations –“21” symbol.

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