IMPORTANT: Coronavirus COVID-19 – how to counteract

Mar 17, 2020

In relation to spreading of COVID-19 virus, we prepared recommendations being aimed at lowering the risk of falling ill for you: 

  • Often wash hands with , applying soap or disinfectants basing on alcohol
  • When you are coughing or you are sneezing, cover the mouth and the nose, and then wash your hands • Avoid of mass parties
  • Take care about your health, healthily feed and rest (remember about vitamins and mineral elements, best in the form of fruit and vegetables)
  • When you feel that you are weakened, better stay at home
  • If you are having a temperature above 38 degrees inform the coordinator of this fact through the telegram- don’t come to the office
  • If within 14 last days you were in Italy or Germany, inform your coordinator of this fact

  From the behavior and warning hygiene rules by us everyone he depends whether we will be healthy

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